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Release 01.06.-23. V7.3.4



  • Action Manager: Enabled the capability to modify the name of a Plan, granting users greater flexibility and customization.
  • Action Manager: Implemented the addition of the Checklist Status column to the actions index, providing users with a more comprehensive overview.
  • Action Manager: Modified the default access group name from 'Aksjonsopprettere' to 'Action manager' for enhanced clarity.
  • Document/Module: Enhanced the functionality of the table field by introducing customizable width columns through intuitive drag and drop controls.
  • Customer System Settings: Empowered super users to select the "From" domain, enabling streamlined bulk email address changes for multiple users.
  • Super: Streamlined access rights management by eliminating personal access rights, emphasizing the use of access groups for a more structured approach.
  • Super: Significantly improved visibility by displaying all access group members, even if their primary association lies with a different customer.
  • Admin: Streamlined the process of setting up a new customer, resulting in faster and more efficient configuration.


Bug fixes:

  • Document/Module: Rectified an issue where the table field would display an empty table when containing a single row, ensuring accurate representation of data.
  • Document: Fixed a bug that caused the interface to exhibit horizontal scrolling in mobile mode, resulting in a seamless user experience across devices.
  • Reports: Ensured the preservation of search terms when switching between two reports, maintaining continuity and minimizing user disruption.
  • Reports: Fixed a rare occurrence where reports would appear blank when sorting in descending order by a date column, ensuring accurate report generation.
  • Competency: Rectified the issue of certain customers missing the "View report" access right functionality, ensuring consistent access across all users.
  • KPI Scorecard: Resolved a bug that caused drill-down values to display an inaccurate count for checkbox fields exclusively, ensuring data accuracy.
  • Super: Resolved a bug that caused some access rights overview to show wrong values.
  • Admin: Addressed a bug that caused the Risk-radio field to be lost when creating a new module, preserving important data during module creation.
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