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Release 7.6.0


Release day!  11.01.-24



  • Reports: Redesigned the index tab to closely resemble the Action Manager interface. Implemented an expandable section, allowing users to view all fields associated with a document without the need to manually select columns in the table index. Introduced drag-and-drop functionality for columns, enhanced the option to display up to 50 items per page, and incorporated various other user-friendly features.
  • Document: Improved the delete document/revision modal, featuring a countdown timer to prevent accidental deletions. Enhancements have been made to the delete text as well.
  • Risk management: Access groups previously utilized as Risk Owner and Risk Responsible access groups in Risk Management can now be deleted when they are no longer in use.


Bug fixes:

  • Document: Resolved an issue where some documents were affected by an empty value in checkbox fields.
  • Risk magement: Fixed a bug where existing barriers and actions comments were losing changes after a refresh.
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